A Jedi’s Greatest Ally

A Jedi’s greatest ally is the force.

The Jedi’s use of the Force is his greatest skill and most difficult achievement. The Force is a powerful field created by all living things; it surrounds and penetrates the entire galaxy …but it does not fall to everyone to use it as a source of insight and power.

A Jedi from the beginning must do what most men cannot; develop a sensitivity to this Force. He must actually feel it, feel his oneness with it, feel it tangible flow through him, then his conscious awareness must join the Force so that the knowledge through the Force will become his own.

At some point a Jedi learns to abandon reliance on his own mind and its effort. He learns to stretch out with his feeling, to let go of his limited idea of himself, and to move with the deeply instinctive levels of his being. By listening, by becoming peaceful, by turning his attention to the Force, he finds that place where his individuality is joined to the knowledge and power of the universe.

At some point a Jedi becomes one with the force. It consumes him, penetrates him, makes him part of all living things.

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