Kyp Durron’s Tale

The Dark Side seems like easy way out. It is very simple to be seduced, simply by letting out your anger, fear, hatred or Aggression. To stay calm seems like a very big act. You Think: when I’m lost to the Dark Side, I’m there forever, right? Not exactly. Let me tell you about a student named Kyp Durron…

Kyp Durron was a young boy who was captured and taken to the planet Kessel to work in the spice mines. He worked there for many years until Han Solo and his Wookiee companion Chewbacca rescued him, and fled through the Maw, which is a maze of space between black holes. They made it through the Maw mainly because Kyp used the Force to maneuver his way through, only to encounter four Star Destroyers. They escaped from the Imperial prison with Qui Xux, a weapons scientist who co-created the Death Star. They escaped on the Sun Crusher, an indestructible ship not much larger than a fighter plane or light freighter. The Sun Crusher could destroy a star, but would not bring harm to itself.

After returning from the Maw, he joined Master Skywalker’s Praxeum. He was tempted by Exar Kun, a spirit of a Sith Lord. He became a servant of the Dark Side, stole the Sun Crusher, and went on a rampage that he thought was for a just cause. He destroyed many people and planets, but Luke Skywalker’s students were able to destroy Exar Kun, freeing the boy. Than Master Skywalker trained him to be a Light Jedi, and they all lived happily ever after. Well, not quite. That was just the part about the Force.

So you see, once you become a servant of the Dark Side, you can return. If you are a certified student of the Academy and fear you are close to the Dark Side, tell me. I can help you, as I once got dangerously close to the Dark Side.

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