Dark Lore II

WE expected you to return. The first lore must have another side to it’s tale. As the two are equal in the Force. At least this is what they tell you. You have heard that the two sides of the Force are equal, but this is not true. The Dark Side is power. As you become more entwined with the teachings of the Sith and other dark magicians, you will learn that there is no equal. Our energy grows with each darker feeling. The pain gives us strength to overcome our weak bodies. To use the pain, not just feel it.

Many come to us because of this pain. They wish for anyway to make the pain stop, to go away. We listen…then we answer. We cease the temporary feeling of dred with a feeling of anger, of hatred, or of a different pain….that you feel later.

As in Dark Lore I, you felt the mental anguish of Anakin as he separated from Obi-wan. The Jedi, in the beginning, wondered why Anakin had lost so much interest in his teachings. Or as he put it “a love for the Force.” Obi-wan found that Anakin was always distant during the latter of their training. But he never knew why…. or because of whom.

We join Senator Palpatine at a time when he is feeling the most confident. He has just passed the ballot stating that he be voted leader of the Imperial Senate. He turns and looks at the Grand Conference room aboard the Executor, and walks to his new chair in the east ridge. He slowly walks up the ramp to his “throne” while gazing at the other “World Seats” around the table. He smiles as he believes it is fitting that he would sit above the other worlds…as if he were their god.

He sits into his seat and spins his chair, very slowly, towards the starboard window. The vastness of space engulfs his vision, as well as his mind, as he begins to think about his other accomplishment. He has just taken a Jedi Apprentice, from General Ben Kenobi. He is beginning to believe that those words of the Dark Side do exist. He knows that the Old Republic will soon feel the greatness of both of his accomplishments….
“It seems only yesterday that I first joined the Imperial Senate. Throughout my training at the best sector academies, I always played a large role in politics. I could not just join a group, and be a part of it. I must enter and then take over…to become its’ leader. It would always be so easy to have my rivals entwined in the deepest of conflicts. Personal insults from the other seemed to cause the most damage. I would explain to my opponent that our other opponent was spreading falsities about his character. They would quickly become so enraged in hate, that they would lash verbal insults at each other into the public eye. I was then envisioned as the purist…the one who had all of the beings in the galaxy’s best interest at heart.

Those fools would cheer at the way that I treated criminals. They believed that no one would dare challenge my laws, with the strictest of punishments waiting for the convicted. I explained to them that those who did not follow laws deserve to be banished from our society. Permanently. I explained that we must unite under one common cause, with me as the voice of the people.
A small giggle is followed by a short series of coughs.

Those fools. They were so entwined with the hate of criminals, and my opponent;s hate of each other, that they did not take the time to see what the cause was. By the time they realize their mistake, it will be too late. I am sure that there will be a few beings, whom develop a strong dislike to my Empire, but it will not be enough. I will quickly crush the petty rebellions, and dominate the entire galaxy…and with the help of my Dark Lord of the Sith, the Jedi will be nothing more than a memory.

He turns towards the doors of his quarters and waves a finger at the hooded Imperial guard. The guard quickly turns and exits as his purple cape comes inches from being caught in the quarter’s doors.

Palpatine rotates his chair once again and returns his gaze to the emptiness of space. “It was very difficult to get Anakin to see that emotions can be joined. General Kenobi had instructed him to keep his feelings separate from his actions. Anakin believed that his feelings would hinder his reflexes, and cause him to make a crucial mistake during conflict. If he only could understand how two emotions could become one. Where the will is one with the Force. Anakin has never faced failure at anytime in his life or his Jedi training. This is also why he had become bored with Kenobi’s training. Anakin may have struggled on some of the earlier Force tasks in the early stages of his apprenticeship, but not recently. He created lightsabers without his mentor knowing, he found Holocubes of other Jedi Masters, and whisked through their messages in a matter of hours. None of their teachings held his attention, or challenged him. This is why the “taking” was so easy.

I know what Anakin needs in order to make himself feel accomplished. I know of a challenge that he will fail, but We will succeed. I will speak to his hidden self. His inner conscience. I will tell him what he wants to believe, but is not completely sure of. I will tell him, that he has more knowledge than his former mentor…that he has more skill with the primitive weapon of the Jedi…and lastly that he has more power than Obi-wan. He may doubt my words at first hearing, but their meaning will eventually grow as his frustration does. Then I will put him against General Kenobi.

Palpatine smiles to himself, as he can now feel another headpain entering his mind. The pains have become more intense as well as more frequent in the past months.

“I know that this is what Anakin wants more than anything else in the galaxy, to prove himself to his former friend. He always believed that Kenobi never appreciated his skill or courage in the heat of battle. I can think of many times when Kenobi would have ceased to exist if Anakin had not outpiloted my naval-fighters. Kenobi probably was grateful at Anakin’s skill, but he never showed it to Anakin. He did not want his apprentice to become to overconfident. Kenobi believes that over-confidence can be a weakness. The Jedi are such fools. All that power and not knowing how to use it.”

Palpatine notices the reflection of his guard returning in the starboard window. He smiles knowing that Anakin is on his way to his quarters.

“No matter the outcome, the Empire will be the victor. I like playing games with these weak-minded souls. When Anakin challenges Kenobi, if he is successful, I would have eliminated the first leader of the Old Republic Jedi. That would be a historical event for my new Empire. However, if Anakin is defeated, like I believe he will be, I would have given my new Apprentice the best lesson he can learn…failure. That failure will turn into anger, which will eventually turn into frustration, which will make his journey to the Dark Side complete. A life-long journey it is, but one which will make the Empire that more powerful and fearful. The galaxy will forever live in fear of Emperor Palpatine and his Dark Lord of the Sith.

He spins around in his chair to see a puzzled Anakin staring at him.
“Please have a seat my young friend. I have an important subject to discuss with you.” Anakin calmly obliges and listens to Palpatine’s words.

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