Dark Lore III

In Dark Lore III, we venture to a parallel side of the Force. We enter the thoughts of a Jedi feeling a strong sense of anger and betrayal. He is not sure if he should suppress his feelings of anger towards his former pupil’s new mentor or act upon them in a revengeful crusade.

The Jedi has spoken with his master, who instructed him that this is a difficult time in his life. At first the Jedi cannot understand what is meant by his master’s words…but after recollection, the path begins to become clear…

“This is an unexpected change of events for me. Yoda frequently says that the future is always in motion…and many times outcomes are difficult to see, however I did not see this coming. I did not sense the change. Anakin never displayed any distastefulness to any of his Jedi exercises. I remember how he used to be so eager to start his daily lessons…Sometimes a little to eager. I always believed that patience was the most difficult of task for him to understand. Anakin did not always take the time to think situations completely out. Many times when the brain is excited, it does not explore all options. The first solution is not always the best choice….”

Ben walks to a tree that is begnning to weep as it’s age shows. The symbolism strikes deep in his heart.

“Maybe it is me…I thought I could instruct him as well as Yoda instructed me. I was wrong. During my training, I never was called by a dark carrier of the Force…but I did hear the voices. One of the voices resembled Anakin’s, but it was older and had a coldness in the words. Another sounded like Anakin when he first began his training. This voice was excited, but also confused. It seemed that this voice was missing something. Like the answer to a forbidden question.
Below the tree, Ben notices two flowers blooming from the same stem. He picks them and stares deeply into the petals, as if searching for an answer to his problems…

“Palpatine does not understand the Force. He was never trained in the ways of the Jedi. It is rumored that he was called upon by a past dark carrier who also had views of galactic domination. He has no heart!!! It is consumed with darkness!!! He will pay for what he has done!!!”

Ben drops to one knee, as he realizes that his anger is rising again.
“Anakin could become the greatest of all the Jedi, or the most powerful of the Dark magicians. It was not supposed to be like this… When he left, he left as a different person. I still do not understand why he must go to speak with Palpatine. Palpatine is cunning, and will attempt to turn Anakin against me. Anakin knows that there is no try… but he may not realize what Palpatine is doing until it is too late…

Ben rises to his feet and lets the two flowers blow in the cool Dagobahan breeze.

“If I have the opportunity, I will end Palpatine’s reign. But it will come at a cost. Possibly my own life, or the life of someone I care deeply for. I cannot fight my own student. I will not fight him… It would be easier if Palpatine and I were adversaries, but the dark side is easy and I am afraid that will not come to be.”

Ben turns and begins to make his way back to Yoda’s tree-hut.

“The time will come however when the conflict must be resolved. A Jedi does not enter into a battle unless his mind is calm… For the first time in a long time, I am not sure if I will be able to control my emotions. It will be difficult for me to be calm when I see the evil that the “Emperor” is spreading. An evil that may consume me….or consume everything that I care and stand for.”
Yoda slowly walks out of his hut, and has a seat beside Ben or a nearby fallen limb. He does not speak, but he can sense Ben’s feelings of anger and betrayal.
“I know Master Yoda…I know. The time will come when I will have to face the mistake that I have made. But the visions is still not clear on whom the adversary will be. In my vision, I can hear Anakin’s voice, but the image does not match the sound. All I see is the shadow of a dark figure who also feels that he is missing something.”

Ben stands, then crouches as he walks into Yoda’s hut.
“Palpatine will fall, if it is the last thing I do!!!”
Yoda shakes his head at Ben’s proclamation.

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