Dark Side Tenets

Dark Side Tenets

Throughout history, followers of the Dark Side have never been organized as the Jedi were. I have changed that. I am creating a compendium of knowledge and gathering students. The Jedi are destroyed, and I will replace them with a stable order of Dark Jedi. I will replace the Moffs and Grand Moffs, the Captains, Generals, and Admirals, the Governors and Presidents, all with followers of the Dark Side. The Empire is just a first step towards the birth of a Dark Empire. All who follow me will take up positions of power in the Final Order. The Light Side of the Force will be utterly forgotten, and the Dark Side will dominate forever.

The Empire itself is an excellent tool for paving the way for this transformation. It produces the emotions that strengthen the Dark Side at every turn. There are threats to survival such as slavery and imprisonment. There is the loss of culture, government, rights, and identity. There is the ever-present whisper of atrocity and injustice. The populace of the galaxy is filled with fear… Where adepts have gathered in the past, there have been battles, betrayal, and death. They mistrust one another and are driven to fight each other for dominance.

But in the Dark Empire, among the followers of the Dark Side, there must be a basic cooperation. Betrayal is capable of provoking an explosive outpouring of anger, but the Final Order cannot tolerate it, or its consequences. When the Dark Empire is complete, the followers of the Dark Side will share my power of being able to observe each other. Betrayal will no longer be practical. Only with this basic cooperation can the order of Dark Jedi attempt the next task, the conquering of the entire galaxy, and then, in the distant future, other galaxies…

The Dark Side Of The Force
The Force is an energy field, fed by all living things. All living things have darkness within them, that feeds the Dark Side of the Force. The universe rages. My own anger can unlock and unleash the anger of the cosmos. From this act flows the power of the Dark Side.

The Empire
My Empire was built on the power of the Dark Side. Without that power, it could not hold together. My own darkness drove the Imperial war machine, and its wheels were lubricated by fear and anger at the rebellion, and fear of my punishment. But fear, anger, and military might were not enough to hold it all together. Without the Dark Side, that same fear and anger were enough to tear the Empire apart.

The Technology
The new technology of destruction is an extremely useful tool for furthering the aims of the Dark Side. Star Destroyers and Death Stars were viewed by some as tools of political conquest. They missed the point entirely. My vision for the galaxy has always been to fill its uncounted worlds with the emotions that serve the Dark Side. If a civilization is burned down by the guns of a Star Destroyer, it is gone forever, but if it can be made to fear that destruction, the true power in the galaxy grows ever stronger.

Control The Power
The universe is full of power. To release it, you must harness the emotions of hate, anger, fear, and aggression. Release your own anger and the anger of infinity is released. By itself, the Dark Side is a thing of chaos and irrationality. It has no control, no conscience, no restraint. But domination is its goal. There is a bargain to be made with it. It gives you power and exacts its price. In order to let the power flow through you, you must let the destructive emotions flow through you. But that is not all. It is a great danger to those who cannot control their emotions. Only with a strong will can you control your rage and make the power your servant. When anger is controlled intelligently, there is nothing you can not do.

Using The Power
When rage leads directly to results, a sense of the omnipotence of expressed rage grows. Vader felt this sense of power, but he and I did not use it in the same way. I have truly learned to control my anger, while Vader could only partially control his. Like a berserker, he always struck out with his rage, but I am like a furnace. My rage burns deep within, contained and concentrated. Mine was ever the greater strength, for this reason. Many of my enemies were fooled by my apparent lack of defenses. But rage, focused within and controlled, is a devastating weapon that can be used at any time, and without warning.

The Force Storms
Anger, concentrated by will in the vital center of the body creates a portal through which vast energies are released, the energies of the Dark Side of the Force. Standing watch with the mind, in my meditation of anger, I have slain my enemies from great distances, through the Dark Side power that permeates the galaxy. I have created lightning and unleashed its destructive fire. Using this knowledge, I can unleash the Dark Side energies that are all around us, even to shatter the fabric of space itself. In this way, I have created storms.

All Power Comes From Outside The Weak
The weak have never been known to believe in themselves, or in their ability to wield power.

The Face Of Authority
The weak live as in a dream. All their thoughts, actions and urges are governed by the face and the voice that controls this dream. The face and voice they have learned to obey. The face and voice of authority.

The Law Of Fear
A consequence of the two tenets above, is that the weak live in fear. The mere suggestion of violence from one in authority is enough to inspire their obedience. How can one who doesn’t believe in his own powers stand against the power of another? It is impossible.

The Weak Do Not Understand The Force
The Force is the ultimate means to gain authority over the weak. The weak do not understand the Force. The weak do not sense the Force, therefore how can they understand and use the Force? So it is the weak who are at the mercy of those who knows and use the power of the Force. The proper use of the Force can inspire awe and obedience in the weak.

It has been said that anyone who knows the ways of the Force can set them himself up as a King on any world where only he knows the ways of the Force. Any Jedi could do this. But the Jedi, fools they are, adhere to a religion, in which the Force is used only in the service of others. How short-sighted of them. Is that not why they lost the Galaxy to the Dark Side?! The Dark Empire. How could it not be so? For who could resist the power of the Dark Side…forever!

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