Dark Side

Indulging in hate and revenge is like drinking saltwater–the thirst can only grow. – Jedi Caine
Note from Jedi Legato:
I have been repeatedly asked why we include the Dark Side in our curriculum. My reply is thus:
I quote Sun Tzu ‘If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat’. It is our approach at the Academy to openly discuss the Dark Side and its perils in order to more fully arm ourselves against it. Silence begat of fear can only result in ignorance and weakness. Knowledge is the weapon of a Jedi, and a greater weapon you may never need.

-Baal Legato
The Power of ego.
‘Which is more frightening? A large quiet dog or a small, ferocious one?’  -Grendok

You are no more powerful than you make yourself. If you see yourself as having a weakness, you are simply increasing the problem. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Standing in combat against another with the confidence begat of one who is convinced of their immortality is in itself a fierce weapon. How might a man stand against a god? What mortal can not be unnerved by the snarling power of an immortal? Do not underestimate the power of your attitude or sell yourself short.

Never allow yourself to be pushed, let there be no doubt in your enemy’s mind that they are up against a superior force and that they will be defeated. The greatest of training can falter when your opponent fears you.

Make them fear you.

– Lord Mal’kith

On letting go.
Why is it I ask you, in the heat of battle, you must suppress your hatred, your aggression?  Battle, anger, hatred, aggression, these are all brothers that must not be kept apart.  How many times must I hear some fool tell me to ignite sabers and duel to the death without being aggressive?  That advice is a tall glass of hemlock that I refuse to drink.
” (anger + aggression) X skill = ability to win in battle ” – Mal’kith’s equation of power
What is the one thing that can destroy a Jedi who can read your style and anticipate your next move in battle?  Anger and hatred.  These dark allies can make a mediocre warrior great, and the great warrior undefeatable.
Let go next time in battle and feel the power the dark side of the Force will infuse in you, feel your opponent shrink away and fall defeated at your feet.
Battle without hatred and aggression is not battle, it is but a dance or a game of chance and skill.  Winning battles and wars makes one great, and shunning such a tool, such power, as your aggression is a sure way to fall short of greatness.  And likely die at my feet.

On good and evil.
The Universe, viewed in the most macro of scales, is just a power struggle. Order vs. entropy, light vs. dark, good vs. evil. The two sides pushing the balance back and forth endlessly on a scale too large to see which side might have edged past the other.
‘In the struggle between good and evil there can be no victor, they are equals’ – Some fool
They are not equals at all. ‘Good’ by default is crippled by its need to be good, to be pure, to have order and laws. There are things forbidden to the world of ‘good’ and it is those things that will tip the scales one day in favor of darkness and entropy. What is forbidden to ‘evil’? Nothing. If it serves ‘evil’ to be good, it can, if it serves ‘evil’ to maim or destroy it’s own, it can. The scale of the struggle makes it impossible to finger a leader in an x is greater than y fashion, but such comparison is not needed when one understands that the Universe gravitates towards entropy, order needs constant energy to continue and ‘darkness’ is truly more powerful than ‘light’.
There is a thick chain around the neck of ‘goodness’ dragging it down in the struggle against the Dark Side. Let us watch it drown.

The dark Jedi Grendok was slain in battle by Jedi Master Oorin Krell.
 Excerpts are reprinted with his permission.

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