The Entity

The single notion of existence has always been overestimated and misunderstood by so many. They have overlooked the meaning entirely. Death proves as no stopping point for the Dark Side. The Light Jedi, once struck down, become one with the Force while the Dark Jedi may continue on. I remember it once was said that the fate and death of the Dark Jedi was to lead to perpetual madness as a disembodied spirit, adrift in the Dark Side of the Force. How utterly incorrect such is. Only those who have felt the true power of the Dark Side may describe the sensations after death. There is no madness except the Darkness itself which is quite sane to those who understand it…to those who have become it.

True, my own body was shattered and destroyed long ago, but what is a body at all? A mere physical symbol of the being? A body is a simple asset or tool and nothing more. It is not needed at all in the eyes of the Dark Side of the Force. I have come to know this. I control the emotions of hate, anger, fear, and aggression not with a body but through my own spirit…my own entity. Even as a spirit I could easily rule over what is rightfully mine with the Dark Side powering my rage that burns deep within, as I have already accomplished to an extent. 

I have yet to ever serve the Dark Side itself. Instead, it serves me, and it serves me well. An entity or a spirit of one is set by no bounds. Thus it has always been a theory that a single spirit could duplicate itself and create several supporting entities within the process. Similar to generating a clone of oneself during the time of being alive. Yet to create and control such a manifest, one would have to be the most powerful of Masters of the Dark Side of the Force. The Light Side could never perform such feats at all for no life after death has always been a weakness for the Jedi. The weak have never been known to believe in themselves, or in their ability to wield power.

I have discovered this ability alone and truly learned how to control it. Standing in tune with the Dark Side of the Force, in my meditation of anger, I am able to unleash multiples of myself and my mind that may take on bodies of their own if need be. This is true power. This is apart of the darkest regions of the Force. Yet, these copies are not as strong nor as supreme as the original, just as with the clones. I am well aware of those who would wish to learn this secret, but all would fail if they simply attempted to perform such. No matter, for this ability is locked away within the security and supposed madness of my own spirit and mind…never to escape.

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