The New Enemy

The Rebel Alliance has always been nothing more than a simple scapegoat to me. A reason to further undermine the Old Republic’s justice under the pretense of an emergency state of martial law. The Rebellion could be compared to a small boy I could bully, the enraged baby animal I could torture. But the boy had grown up now; it knew how to fight back effectively. It had broken its bonds. Yet such would have been absolutely impossible without the Force, and the Force had been brought to the hands of the Alliance by a single boy, Luke Skywalker, the son of Lord Vader himself. The boy amazed myself even, I remember. He had surpassed his father with power, but maintained loyal to the Light Side of the Force. Disappointing this was. Vader was once my stepping stone to wiping all the Jedi from existence so I had thought the same with young Skywalker. Perhaps my underestimation of this young Jedi had been my only true mistake throughout my reign, but not a fixed mistake.

Never again shall I be tempted to turn Skywalker over to the Dark Side. It is quite clear in my mind that this one must be destroyed, eradicated from life. Now he has become responsible for the new era of the Light Jedi. During the times of the Old Republic, I was swift and clever as a senator of the Galactic Senate which allowed me to initiate my New Order and construct the Empire once elected Chancellor. But now, things would be more difficult. The Galaxy had become wiser from experience of past occurrences, yet regaining power is not impossible. The same steps must be made…the extermination of the Jedi beginning with Master Skywalker. But Skywalker will be the last to be killed. By exterminating him, he will be taken out of existence yes, but will remain alive for the time being so he may watch as his precious New Republi is crushed and his Jedi Apprentices are slaughtered. Then in his final moment of terror, I will strike him down and complete my revenge with my own twisted satisfaction.

Once such a task is complete, the New Republic will be weakened by the loss. Weakened to an extent to where the Dark Side of the Force may once again take control and rule over the Galaxy as its shadow. It has been done once so it will be done again. I have foreseen the future. I am well aware of what is to come. The Galactic Empire will make its valiant return and then will make way for the Final Order. The Dark Empire. Those who have supported me will stand by and watch as our enemies perish within my flame. The New Republic will not last…I have seen it…I have felt it. Poor vision those have who believe that the days of the Empire are long over. There is no refuge from the awesome power of the Dark Side…nor will there ever be.

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