Ways of the Force

There are many ways to see things. Interpretation and opinion give us many questions and answers. The Force can be looked upon as a religion, a spirit, an energy, a god, and even the unknown. Fate, luck, mystery, faith, hope, love…there are many names we give to what we experience, a feeling that gives us the power, the want to do good…as well as evil. We must learn to use it wisely.

These ways of believing are all the same thing. The Force is only a name, a name we use to understand that these feelings and beliefs all connect to each other, like a circle, all part of the same thing, as one. One cannot exist without the other. It was made by the same thing…and is the same thing. It is a universe that is awesome and full of illumination.

It is our greatest ally. Our strength, our knowledge, our wisdom. It is supreme. It effects us all differently, yet all the same. It lies within us as well as with us. It is one with us. We are one with it.

A Jedi should understand these ways to understand The Force itself, for it all is a cycle of knowledge that our mind should grasp. To experience The Force we must experience other ways and other points of view, not to be afraid to discern the unknown. To not be bound by restrictions, yet to expand to something greater…to something purer. To know that we all are life forms that bear a soul, and deserve respect and attention. For we are all equal. And all have the right of freedom, of life, and of communication.

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