An Attitude Problem

Attitudes are really mindsets. Some are bright and happy, some are cynical and some are pretty bleak. They are also habitual and can be easily improved one way or the other. There are those of us who have an attitude problem, and therefore lead miserable lives. This shows a lack of discipline and self-control and is nothing to be proud of. The side effect of this aberrant condition is that such persons are inherently unhappy and make everyone around them miserable in their turn. Naturally, as time turns around, the victims tend to retaliate, and the problem is compounded. It is said that we are the sum total of all our experiences. Unfortunately, the experiences of some folks are worse than others, a lot worse. However, one of the great truths is that THOUGHTS CHANGE THINGS. You create your own environment with your thoughts. It is all in how you look at it. Realize that your happiness and the happiness of those in your circle of influence depends upon how you look at a given situation or a series of events. Here is wisdom: a mind set can develop into a life set. “The mold must first be created before an object may be cast in it.” Another way to look at this truth is if you don’t like the object, change the mold. Human beings are ever malleable and can be changed either from the inside or the outside. Adepts are warriors, and any warrior in order to survive must always be cognizant of his or her mental and physical condition. He or she also must always be aware of his or her assets. Should a brother or sister have an attitude problem, he or she likely won’t have many assets.

You are an accident waiting to happen until you become aware of the power in your thoughts.

Your attitude is important: any task you approach or any transaction you make or any interaction you have with others in this realm or the next will most certainly be affected by your attitude and how you present yourself and your ideas. A bad attitude is like a cloud of stink, and it will follow you, permeating all you touch until you rid yourself of it.

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be lucky, enjoying the best fruits from the tree of life while others receive only the culls? The answer is that the so-called lucky ones have a lucky mind set. They have painted a great, wide, wonderful world for themselves, and they live in it. They are creators of reality, their reality. Adepts are all creators, and they begin creating their world each day, toward the end of their life. They think over what has happened and then think about what will likely happen. Next, they engineer the best outcome possible, trying several likely possibilities until they find the one that fits best. They learn from all past experiences and consider what might well have happened if they had acted differently, for they know that each event may have several endings. The final ending depends upon how a chain of events is allowed to progress. The process is something like setting up a chain of dominoes. The falling of the final domino is affected by all of the other dominos in line before it.

Another difference between a wise man and a fool is that the wise man is consciously aware of his own attitude, and he adjusts it moment by moment. This does take practice and no small amount of self-control. However, the wise man realizes that his life depends upon his ability to do this. Therefore, he has created a positive matrix or attitude and lives within its framework, never allowing himself to step over the boundary lines.

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