Defining Self-Discipline

Throughout history, successful people have had one obvious thing in common: self-discipline. High achievers are always willing to do things that average humans are unwilling to do. But how does one define self-discipline? According to Webster’s Dictionary, Discipline is defined as: Training that corrects, molds or perfects; Control gained by obedience or training; to develop by the exercise of self-control; a system of rules governing conduct. From this we can gather that self-discipline is: A personal system of rules that govern our individual words, thoughts, and actions. A personal system of training that establishes self-control and corrects, molds, and perfects our daily performance.

Self-discipline is the ability to regulate your conduct by principle, persistence, and sound judgement rather than by desire or social acceptance the achievement of anything of value requires such discipline. Self-discipline is not related to punishment. It is pure sustained self-control. From recorded history, self-discipline has been responsible for the improvement of all mankind. Self-discipline has enabled scholars to discover breakthroughs in medicine, chemistry, physics, computers and all other fields. Self-discipline has empowered warriors with the ability to fight against oppression and for freedom. It has blessed artists, writers, composers and musicians with the persistence to complete beautiful works of art.

We cannot expect success without building each aspect of our lives with self-discipline, control and integrity. No one can have anything of lasting value without personal discipline. Self-discipline is the backbone of a successful and long life. Personal discipline brings prosperity, strong character and freedom into our lives. It is the essence of our character and the result of our thoughts, actions, and words. Learning effective discipline can set you free and reward you beyond your wildest dreams. At one time or another in your life, you have probably experienced the freedom and pride that comes from self-discipline. When you inject discipline, self-control, and persistence into your daily life, you open the door to a realm of limitless achievement and power.

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