Fear, Hate, Sith.


No one really knows fear. This I have found out on my own. I do not know fear. True fear is yet to be found because no matter how much fear you have encountered in your life, there is always something else that will strike more fear into your body that you will forget the last fear you had. Near death experiences aren’t even close to true fear. If someone has encountered true fear, and overcome it, then they would be able to strike fear into the hearts of any person/ being because they would know what causes that fear and could use it against you. A Sith devotes his/her life to finding this fear and overcoming it. We will go to the ends of the galaxy to find the most frightening thing. That is our goal. That is the most powerful weapon a Sith can have, the power to strike fear into the hearts of even the Lightest of Jedi.


Hate is what we Sith strive on or live on. Our own hatred for things is what gives us our “Rush”. It makes us feel dominant, like we can kill anything. We live by hatred. We feel it flow through us, we desire it, we treat it like it is our shadow: we keep it by our side and never let it go because one day, it may save our life. We also strive on the hatred of others. Especially Jedi. We love it when someone of the Light Side shows hatred or anger. It lets us know that we are getting to you. Aggravating you, making you suffer internally/mentally. Our hatred is our like our vanity. We love it as much as we love our conceited little selves. We do this because we know that if your hatred builds up enough that you let it go, you will forget everything except how you have failed as a Jedi and by the time you realize it, you are dead. One strike of fear or one release of hatred can destroy many Jedi. That is why we learn to use our fear and hatred as well as your fear and hatred against you.


Yeah Yeah, Sith were a lost race, but hey, now we’re found. Sith are going to rule once again. We will take it slow, but gradually take it all back. Just like it’s supposed to be. We will rule once again. We may have been lost for some time now, but we are back and stronger than ever. Our power has grown much with every new recruit to the Dark Side and every second of the day. We take our training seriously. We respect those who respect but still hold a grudge to all who appose us. We are the fear, we are the hate, WE ARE THE SITH!

– Xavier

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