Sharpening Your Senses

We are born with six senses: Seeing (eyes); Hearing (ears); Touching (skin sensors); Smelling (nose); Tasting(tongue and mouth) and a sixth sense (mind) which also might be called intuition or psychic sense. The sixth sense can be extremely powerful, and yet few people ever develop or use this valuable gift.

If the truth be known most of us haven’t developed our other five senses to any great extent, either. We will deal with sensitizing our first five senses first since our sixth sense utilizes our other five senses from time to time in addition to using its on mental abilities. The exercises listed are some suggestions on how to start right now to become more sensitive to external and internal stimuli. The things I suggest take only seconds or minutes and should be practiced until you are satisfied that “tuning in” to stimuli is an innate part of your behavior. Then you wont have to practice consciously because you will have conditioned yourselves to be sensitive all the time.


Most Force sensitive people use sight a great deal in their Force work. There are two kinds of Force Sight. The first involves seeing images, scenes, or beings inside your own mind. The second involves seeing images, scenes, or beings outside your mind; one example is seeing an apparition (ghost,entity).


When you hear something through the Force it is called Clairaudience. Clairaudience is the ability to hear audible messages from outside the normal range of sources.


Smelling is used in some instances to alert you to a paranormal situation by providing a scent that comes from no explainable source in the area. An example of this would be smelling roses in middle of the coldest winter climate.


You are most likely to make use Force use of your sense of touch (a physical feeling on your skin) when you are involved with Force Healing. An example of this would be a heat sensation in your hands while performing Force Healing.


I have read accounts of people who have had bitter, sweet, and acrid tastes occur during their Force practice. I have not yet had that type of experience happen to me, but it might happen to you.

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