Viewing Myself

As you look in the mirror, who do you see? How do you feel about that self? Do you know why?

Self Image, something many of us do not think about too often. It is the way in which we view ourselves in our mind. It is the way we see ourselves when we look at our reflection. It is how we interact with our self, the amount of respect with which we treat ourselves. This is not the same as what other people see. Even when we have a healthy self image, and see ourselves fairly accurately, there will always be traits and aspects of ourselves that others see more clearly. So take some time and consider what your self image is.

This often ties in with Self Esteem. How much we do or do not value ourselves, and consider ourselves as worthy beings, is self esteem. People talk about having a healthy self esteem, and usually what they mean is someone who does not dwell on the negatives aspects of their self. Someone who has a good self esteem usually functions well in life, sees someone of worth in the mirror, is not fettered with feelings of inferiority or lassitude.

So where do all these views and feelings and ideas come from? It all depends on each unique situation, as to how heavily any one influence affects your own life. However, most people begin life completely at ease with their sense of worth and importance. It is a rare infant who does not demand that their needs be met. As we grow, our view of ourself is affected by our family, our friends, our playmates, our neighbors, church members, television & movies, school, work, etc. Some of those voices will have been positive input, some negative, and a fair amount impartial. How strong has your own voice been over time? Have the voices of the others drowned you out? Have you allowed what they’ve told you to color the way your own voice speaks? Or have you remained for the most part a confident, strong individual? These are things to think on. Root out your feelings about yourself, pinpoint where they came from. If there are weaknesses, you will then see them and have a starting point from which to become stronger.

Always keep in mind that “society’s” voice often yells at top volume, and is not necessarily correct. Do what you need to do in order to attain a healthy mind, body and spirit.

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