Moor’s Meditation


Most truth, I’ve found, is simple.
Moor had a tendency to write eloquent prose to try and convince, and obscure, the truth of his actual message – which makes it difficult to practice for the novice
This is my own implementation of his method, combined with research from forum posts, as well as the original lecture. Enjoy.


Standing: Stand in the Mountain Pose – your hands should be fists, with your palms facing outwards. Keep your breathing slow and deep. Ideally, you’d be in a forest, field, or other place of nature. Your muscles should be slightly tight and feel strong. Head slightly dipped. Eyes closed.
Sitting: Sit in the lotus position, or kneeling in the Japanese method, with your hands curled into fists on your knees, your back straight, your head slightly dipped. Eyes closed.
With both, keep your breathing slow and strong. In through the nose, out through the mouth.


Begin to think on hate – Maybe somebody you hate, or something somebody you love did. The emotions have to be strong though – the more recent, the better.
An advanced technique is to hate yourself – not your “core” being – but things you’ve done, things you’ve said, weaknesses you hold that need to be destroyed for you to advance.
You must hold this feeling of hate throughout the exercise – keep feeding and fanning it, like a flame.

3. Concentrate Your Awareness

As you continue your deep breathing and holding that feeling of hate, drop your awareness down to your solar plexus chakra – You should be able to feel a ball or pool of energy as you breathe in – just under your ribcage. Continue breathing in steadily, and imagine that you are drawing an energy of pure evil and hate from the ground (i.e. from nature) – through the balls of your feet, and depositing it into that ball of energy.

4. Pull The Energy Up

Now, draw a feeling of pure evil from your solar plexus – pull it up through your heart, throat, brain, and scalp – until it feels like dark energy is pouring from the top of your head and radiating from your body. It should feel like a dark aura has completely enveloped you, engulfing you in an aura of darkness.
Hold this feeling for at least 15 minutes – continue your breathing and stance, hold that feeling of hate in your mind, feel that pure evil energy coursing through you, darkness enveloping you, and evil pouring into you from nature.

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