Mental Warfare

Any pursuit that you wish to partake in, whether it is persuading the opposing target through psychological means or through the force can be judged on five fundamental factors by which your quest shall succeed. We shall look at each of these in detail. Moral Influence This does NOT mean you go out and change your needs […]

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Waking Up

Waking up The way of the Dark is to learn, practice, do and then teach. Each adept is by necessity a student, a craftsperson, and an advisor. Each transaction strengthens us and brightens our awareness and store of wisdom and knowledge in its own particular way. The more we give, the more we get, and the greater grows our legacy. […]

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The Awakening

When an adept is fully awakened, he experiences what we call The Knowing. He simply knows. The knowledge flashes into his mind like a bird that flies in through an open window. Some say that they hear a bell ring as the knowledge appears. We adepts call this the Bell of Node. Almost everyone has either experienced […]

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The Sword of Darkness

We who carry the Keys forward are considered as Victors of the Sword of Darkness. We seek the power of the Force and ally ourselves with it, drawing it into our very beings until our stature rises unto greatness. Our task is to learn and do and teach. Our reward is to be a Victor of the […]

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The Path of Darkness

Your hand now holds the wisdom of the ages, the map to the gateway of the Universe. It is small in size but large in wisdom and knowledge. It is intended to be simple, but do not hold it in contempt as all great wisdom is simple. Yes, it is intended to be simple, for […]

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Mundane Reality

Now that you see how everything is a part of the whole, you�ll understand why I begin your journey by showing you he world you think you already know. Look around you at the city; the streets stretch away in fractured spiderweb patterns, choked with refuse and twisting around impossibly tall buildings bedecked with gargoyles […]

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The Universe

“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your Philosophy” – William Shakespeare, Hamlet You have often heard those around you speak of the universe. They believe that they are speaking of everything that there is, as if the universe were all-encompassing. The universe is but the physical part of […]

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Lessons from the Bear

Observing the Animal world and contacting the spirit of those animals can reveal much to the mindful warrior. The bear is the first of the animals that I have spoken with. From the bear I have learned a few things and this is what I learned from her. In my vision I watched the bear as she […]

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Mindfulness practice is the practice of being 100% honest with ourselves. When we watch our own mind and body, we notice certain things that are unpleasant to realize. As we do not like them, we try to reject them. What are the things we do not like? we do not like to detach ourselves from loved […]

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Traits of the Dark Warrior

Control Control enables a harmonious containment of energy characteristic of present centeredness. It allows energy to flow freely in the Direction desired. This dynamic is often measured in terms of constant inner control. Discipline Discipline Consists of a marked ability to access and analyze strong and weak points in the environment, in others, and in […]

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