Shades of Dark Do Dances

Appendix 3: Shades of dark do dances (Being excerpts from the transcript of a meeting of Dark Knights in 2004, to the accompaniment of “The Conflict Dance”, a poem by Noel Vock.) When schisms rupture and shades of dark do dances. devils dine with devils and see, another conflict! Born of reverie. The Angels must have […]

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Lessons from the Kingfisher

The Kingfisher perches himself on a branch overhanging a river. He sits still. As he lies in wait, his colours, rich artistic tones, are sharp and clear. Yet the apex of the Kingfisher’s beauty is within fluid motion, as it sweeps from its perch to snatch a fish from the river below. There is an […]

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Third Day

The third day, in which the masters discuss conflict This is the third day we’ve been walking now. And it’s taken me a while, but I think I understand now why you choose to live here. What? I think I understand why you came out here, to live in the countryside. Go on. You’re trying […]

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Second Day

The second day, in which the masters discuss passion You have been quiet today. Have I? Sorry. I don’t mind. It’s just unlike you. I suppose. I’m just thinking, that’s all. What about? Nothing. A dream I had last night, nothing really. Tell me about it. So now you’re Joseph? Or Freud maybe? Neither. Just […]

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Reality of Power

Mastery of others is not true power. You can have the largest army in the world, and then yes, you’ll have power. But is it true power? Does it make one enlightened? Does it help one to know truth? Does it prevent you from dying? Do not confuse yourself between temporal power and real power. […]

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Codex: Chapter VII

Let us discuss the diet. It is a concept greater and more important that what most people think, on many levels. Few people know that your intelligence can rise simply from a diet change, or that it can impose mental instabilities upon a person. Few also look at the term outside this material concept. What […]

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Codex: Chapter VI

Once the dark student has managed to succeed in developing his independence from weakness, from patheticness, from the herd of the common folk progression can be made. No longer will he be tied, swayed and influenced by their interdependence; he is now the wolf, and he is not scared of the loss of the herd. Be wary though, the […]

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Codex: Chapter V

A person’s temple in the context about to be described is very important to the individual. It is the outside manifestation of his inner soul and all his hopes and desires. Creating an area and space screaming at his inner self to reflect upon all it is encountering within the temple and to absorb it, […]

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Codex: Chapter IV

What holds us back from doing what is for our own good? Why are we addicted to the chores that unleash slavery upon ourselves? The test of Samael. He is no sphinx, you cannot persuade him to open the gates. Earn it or stand in this manifestation of purgatory for eternity waiting, until your dirty […]

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