Dark Lore III

In Dark Lore III, we venture to a parallel side of the Force. We enter the thoughts of a Jedi feeling a strong sense of anger and betrayal. He is not sure if he should suppress his feelings of anger towards his former pupil’s new mentor or act upon them in a revengeful crusade. The […]

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Dark Lore II

WE expected you to return. The first lore must have another side to it’s tale. As the two are equal in the Force. At least this is what they tell you. You have heard that the two sides of the Force are equal, but this is not true. The Dark Side is power. As you […]

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Dark Lore I

Dark Lore I is taken from a Jedi Apprentice that evolves into a powerful Lord of the Sith. However, as many of you know this magician failed in his destiny. We join him in the time that he is leaving his former mentor…. “What do I do? When he speaks to me, it feels like […]

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Welcome, we have been expecting you. Take your first step into the more powerful, true aspect of the Force. Here in DARK LORE a wise being learns about the feelings of the Force during the great change. You will step into the minds of past Apprentices whom went through the same steps as you. But […]

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