A Code

Believe this. Believe that every second spent following this code is a second not spent leading your own life. Believe that every second spent contemplating this code is a minute not spent acting. Believe that you cannot dismiss every conceivable situation with a convenient quotation from this code. Believe that every situation deserves individual calculation and contemplation, […]

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The Maelstrom

The designation of time. Organisation. Order. For many these are necessary tasks. For some they are the emergency brakes they apply to a car skidding out of control, for others they have always been there, a foundation upon which to base a life in which all is an controlled as is possible. Controlled. Measured. But […]

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How to be Pure

How long can a man hold the gates shut? If his will and his nerve is there, he can hold them shut for all his life. But a man’s life is short, and the carrion fly overhead all the time. One day, he will fall to the ground and not be able to press himself […]

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The Necessity of Anger

He who sees injustice and does not become angry is not a good man. I had a dream one night. I was perfectly calm and clear. I saw trees being hacked down and birds being shot out of the air… and I walked on, calm and clear. I saw my books being burned… and walked […]

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On Greatness

You may have become used to being told that you are special. You were told by the masters of what some now call the ‘first dynasty’ that you are the wolf among the sheep. You have been told that the ratio of the gifted to the non-gifted is 1 to 50,000, and that the ratio of those […]

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I Pianists are just glorified typists, artists are just glorified painters and decorators. We talk of talent, people who are gifted, as if it were some mystical quality. People are born as chains of cells, built up from genetic codes, it is a matter of mathematics and chance. We speak of expressing our feelings, trying […]

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The Classroom

Imagine a classroom. Row after row of people sitting in front of the teacher, waiting for knowledge to be poured into their empty vessels. The teacher is sitting, silent, until someone demands to learn. Until someone gets up and rips the notes out of his hand and teaches themselves. Where once patience was a virtue, […]

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Noil me Tangere

Noli me Tangere / “Touch me not” John 20: 13-17 “They have taken my Lord away” she replied “and I know not where they have put him”. As she said this she turned around and saw Jesus standing there, though she did not recognise him. Jesus said, “Woman, why are you weeping? Who are you […]

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The terminology used most often when describing ourselves is usually of war; warriors, participating in the great battle, using all the weapons at our disposal. All well and good as long as you know what your battle is, and what the weapons are. However, here I would like to approach our role from another direction; […]

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“They were casting a net in the lake with their net, for they were fishermen. And Jesus said to them ‘Come, follow me, and I will make you fishers of men’.” Matthew 4:18-19 I am an individualist. I believe in the importance of the self. I believe in competition, and the necessity of failure. I am […]

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