The New Enemy

The Rebel Alliance has always been nothing more than a simple scapegoat to me. A reason to further undermine the Old Republic’s justice under the pretense of an emergency state of martial law. The Rebellion could be compared to a small boy I could bully, the enraged baby animal I could torture. But the boy […]

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The Entity

The single notion of existence has always been overestimated and misunderstood by so many. They have overlooked the meaning entirely. Death proves as no stopping point for the Dark Side. The Light Jedi, once struck down, become one with the Force while the Dark Jedi may continue on. I remember it once was said that […]

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The Sith Empire

The Sith had come into being almost two thousand years ago. They were a cult given over to the Dark Side of the Force, embracing fully the concept that power denied was power wasted. A rouge Jedi Knight had founded the Sith, a singular disident in an order of harmonious followers, a rebel who understood […]

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Dark Side Tenets

Dark Side Tenets Prologue Throughout history, followers of the Dark Side have never been organized as the Jedi were. I have changed that. I am creating a compendium of knowledge and gathering students. The Jedi are destroyed, and I will replace them with a stable order of Dark Jedi. I will replace the Moffs and […]

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Ways of the Force

There are many ways to see things. Interpretation and opinion give us many questions and answers. The Force can be looked upon as a religion, a spirit, an energy, a god, and even the unknown. Fate, luck, mystery, faith, hope, love…there are many names we give to what we experience, a feeling that gives us […]

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A Dark Apprentice

The darker side of the Force is your need, your desire, your thought. It makes you, it will construct you, it will give you the power to feed your mind with the life of the universe. 

With the dark side of the force, you are stronger. You can act faster, lighter and more powerful than […]

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Oath of the Dark Side

I am the Heart of Darkness. I know no fear, But rather instill it in my enemies. I am the destroyer of worlds. I know the power of the Dark Side. I am the fire of hate. All the Universe bows before me. I pledge myself to the Darkness. For I have found true life, […]

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Who Shall Succeed?

The darkness that is within us all must be nourished and set free before the time comes when it will be extinguished. Withought the darkness that we each carry, we are but weak vessles in this a universe with stronger individuals. Only the strong survive, and if you intend to live within these worlds I […]

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The Focus of the Dark Side

Unlike the Light Side of the Force, which embraces the whole, the entire focus of the Dark Side is the self. The appeal of the Dark Side is its very destructiveness and its isolation. Those who seek power for selfish reasons find comfort in its narcissistic gaze. The Dark Side emphasizes aggrandizement of self to […]

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The Dark Side

Beware the Dark Side…

 Pure rage and hate-filled aggression are the essence of the Dark Jedi. They are the children of the Dark Side. The Dark Jedi seem unbound by code or rule. They do as they wish in order to fulfill their dark desires for themselves or, in turn, for their masters. Fear, anger, […]

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