Moor’s Secrets

These are a collection of posts by Moor, that I think add value and understanding to his lectures. First off, I must say that I am quite impressed. I only began learning more about the chakras two years ago, thereby also discovering deeper parallels to the arts of the dark side. Before, I was aware […]

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Ethics of a Dark Knight

They stand up for their rights. They build their house on a strong foundation. Their charity begins at home. They are ones who know. They go with honor. From this point onward these five principles must be forever engraved upon your consciousness, for without them there is no chance for further advancement. An Adept must have power, […]

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Your Emotions Betray You

Now the time has come to interact with the manifold powers of the force. We will begin with the ‘reading of emotions’. Read the following slowly and thoroughly. Try to realize the meaning of each step. Reread the text if you are unsure as to the procedure. To control man, means to understand his desires. […]

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The Sword

The process of the armor is a steady process that evolves throughout the life of a knight. It is a weapon and therefore it must be kept and cared for. Yet that which the knight desires is the point of self balance and understanding when first his force powers appear. As with the process of […]

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The Armour

The knight is born with his goals and strategy to achieve those goals. Now he must study his surroundings. On the one hand he wishes to understand the rules of society that have appeared to him as laws for so long. To understand this, you must first realize that social interaction is a game and not a […]

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The Dark Knight

Man has seen a millennium of religion and belief, decorating civilization during his evolution throughout the halls of time. What is true? What is false? What exists within the universe and what is merely an illusion constructed by our own fears of insignificance? Gods have appeared and faded throughout the balance of mystical belief and […]

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A Thought Towards Destiny

Greetings. I have read many posts concerning the correct behaviour to catch the attention of a master. While all the possible answer have been given for the aspects of the shadow and the light side, I sense a necessity to explain what the Dark Council expects of the younger dark students. You have decided to join the dark. And in doing this […]

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In the years of explaining the interactions of all living things and their connection to the dark side, I have leaned towards designing new words where old ones lack precision. The Terminology will define all word-inventions that I see myself drawn to use. Relative truth A relative truth results from a personal point of view, f. eg. The […]

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